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Saturday, March 05, 2016


" ...lefty writer discovers that Obama’s seven years in office have been a disaster."

SORRY, TRUMP, AMERICA CAN’T BE GREAT AGAIN — Our economy can no longer deliver the fast growth the candidates are promising. But that hasn’t stopped the demagoguery,” Michael Lind writes in the Politico.
Alternate headline: lefty writer discovers that Obama’s seven years in office have been a disaster. Especially since in December of 2008, a month before Obama would take office with both houses of Congress under the control of his fellow Democrats, Lind was predicting a rosy quick-start go-go economic future in Salon*:
Obama’s priorities make excellent sense. After emergency measures to stabilize the economy, public investment aimed at accelerating U.S. economic growth should be domestic reform priority No. 1. That’s because raising the rate of economic growth is the reform that makes all subsequent reforms easier. Accelerating the long-term growth of the productive economy will get us out of the recession faster, refill depleted federal, state and local government funding for public services sooner, and permit larger investments to be made with the same or lower tax rates in areas of needed reform like social insurance, energy and education. And the more rapidly the economy grows, the more quickly the colossal but necessary deficits the U.S. is now running up will melt away.
Another rube self-identifies — but he’s far from alone in that department on the left.
* That was before Salon decided it would be better to nationalize everything in America that wasn’t already socialized.

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America is top-heavy with government, a protected, credentialed class of elites and their various victim class and special interest clients and business cronies, and money-sink nonprofits that are our modern equivalent of monastic estates. We are well into a new feudal age by default, and we didn't even have a chance to debate whether we were going to do so. Getting rid of feudalism has only been accomplished in the past by revolutions because of how deeply entrenched such systems become and the intransigence of those they benefit. Let's hope our revolution can be confined to the political sphere. But don't count on it.
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