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Saturday, March 12, 2016


Policy positions

Whenever I hear someone demand that a candidate lay out policy positions, I know that this is an attempt to change the subject. In most cases the people demanding policy positions are really saying that the candidate is not taking about the subjects they want discussed. As they say, this is not my first rodeo. Name me the last politician who presented policy positions and actually delivered?

When was the last time you voted for someone based on his policy positions? You say you voted for Barack Obama? Which of his policy positions grabbed you: “hope” or “change?”

Perhaps you were in the minority who voted for Mitt Romney? Which policy position drew you to him? Admit it, you voted for him because he was not Barack Obama.

Which is the reason that disparaging Donald Trump’s policy positions – or lack thereof – is so transparently foolish. Let’s discuss two of the Donald’s key talking points.

Do you agree that illegal immigration is a problem? What is it about his position that bothers you, the opposition to illegal immigration or the tone in which he raises the issue?

Do you agree that the middle class has seen its jobs disappear as companies move production out of the country? Trump wants to create barriers to keep jobs here and incentives to move jobs back into the country. Where do you stand on jobs moving overseas? Would your position change if your job was being exported?

Do you agree or disagree with Trump that immigration of Muslims into the U.S. should be put on hold until we have a better idea of which of these immigrants are a threat? Is it the policy you oppose or are you signaling your virtue, realizing that the chances of your dying in the next terrorist attack are very small? Since more Americans are shot in Chicago annually than have died in terrorist attacks in the U.S. after 9/11 do you think we should just pay the price? Are you willing to allow a few Americans to die so that the country will be seen as politically correct? Or are you willing to die to show your virtue?

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