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Thursday, March 24, 2016


Stop Whining About Islamophobia And Start Focusing On Islamic Jihadis

Some at the Federalist have stopped whining about Trump long enough to notice that there are other subjects that should be addressed.  Like Muslims killing infidels.

Even before ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Brussels that broke early Tuesday morning, folks on Twitter, including members of the leftist media, immediately began offering condolences to Muslims, blaming bigotry, and making other ridiculous apologies.

After San Bernardino, Paris, and now Brussels, to name just a few recent cities attacked by the same global terrorist network that shares one religious identity, it’s intellectually dishonest at best and evil-enabling at worst to focus on Islamophobia rather than examine Islamic jihadism for what it is. By Islamophobia, of course, I mean what the Left means when it essentially accuses people of bigotry for expressing valid concerns about radical Islam.

Emily Hauser is a perfect example: Liberal, literary, desperately signalling her virtue, lover of all things Obama and Jewish.  Terribly upset by Trump's address to AIPAC.

To my Muslim sisters & brothers: I know horrible things will be said about you & Islam today - I am so, so sorry. Please know I stand w you.

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