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Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Trump’s winning streak baffles GOP Losing Club for Losers

Charles Hurt in the Washington Times.

Mr. Trump racked up so much incredible winning that going into Super Tuesday, the only way to maximize all his winning was to lose Texas to Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas. By allowing Mr. Cruz to win his home state, Mr. Trump ensured the crippled candidate remains in the race under the illusion that he still has a pathway to the nomination. This, in turn, prevents a one-on-one race, which is realistically the only way Mr. Trump could lose the nomination at this point.

All this winning, of course, has so flummoxed all the members in good standing of the Losing Club for Losers that they were really not sure what it all meant. When they learned that all that winning means that Mr. Trump becomes their party’s nominee, they freaked.

“We have never won anything before so we didn’t know what all that winning meant,” they were overheard remarking to one another.

Losing has become so ingrained in Republicans that the thought of actually winning terrifies them.   After winning the House, they went on losing.  After winning the House and Senate they demanded to continue losing.  Now that Trump threatens to win they will do anything to continue their losing streak.

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