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Friday, September 14, 2012


The Virginian Pilot’s Vile, Unprincipled Attack on Governor Romney

The Obama administration has done what many people would have thought impossible; it has united the Arab world and Israel … in despising us. 
 Having made the editorial decision to support Obama at all cost the Virginian Pilot has relegated the destruction of America’s position in the Middle East to the back pages.  It has made the editorial decision that the real news about the riots and murders engulfing the Arab world is a comment by Romney. 
Naked people are often a shocking, and repellent sight.  Naked partisanship displayed by the Virginian Pilot is stomach churning.  Using epithets like “vile” and calling him a liar, saying that he accused the Obama Administration of treason, saying that Romney lacks decency are but a few of the ways that Donald Luzzatto, the  editorial page editor, the coward hiding behind the unsigned editorial, leaves behind any shred of decency and truth.   

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