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Monday, July 22, 2013

A National Conversation About Complete Crap

President Barack Obama has already increased our national debt somewhere between five and six trillion dollars and shows no sign of stopping. Maybe that’s why women clutch their purses when he gets in an elevator.

Or, who knows, maybe it’s because he’s black.

I mean, United States Attorney General and corrupt political hack Eric Holder has called for a “national conversation” on race, and hey, that’s exactly how I like to spend my weekends, but shouldn’t we ask some questions first so we’re all sure we’re talking about the same things?

For instance, President Obama said, “If I’d had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Now I assume when he said that he meant “he’d look like Trayvon except for the private school uniform my son would be wearing,” but leaving that aside — why is it important that Trayvon looked like the son Obama never had, but not important that he looked like the people who were committing acts of vandalism in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood? Why is it okay for the president to make assumptions and generalizations based on skin color, but not the rest of us?

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