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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bob Beckel: The Worst Person in the World

I'm glad I read this column by Mark Tapson because it allows me to reference my racist car. You may recall that my car is racist because it locks its doors when I put it in gear as a black person walks by. For those who may not be familiar with my reference, Bob Beckel is kind enough to document it:

The anger in the black community was less about an awful verdict and Florida’s barbaric ‘stand your ground’ law than it was about the indiscriminate stopping and searching of blacks by police without cause, and subtle things like locking car doors when a black man crosses a street, or following black shoppers. There are many more examples.
Is poor old Bob Beckel the "Worst Person in the World?"   No, he's just a Liberal boob.

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thisishabitforming said...

Sorry to burst the bubble of Black paranoia but color has nothing to do with locking my car doors. I lock my doors when I get in my car no matter where I am, its called caution. I would rather not be mugged by anyone, Black, White, Hispanic, etc, etc. My son, who is also quite white, would come home often complaining about being followed in a store as a teenager. As an honest young man he was quite insulted by the suspicion of the business owner. Having worked in a mall, loss prevention is a huge issue and I told him that since often times shoplifters are younger people, being under suspicion come with the territory. I clutch my purse close to me in a crowd because it sticks out and I don't want to bump it into people. If someone wants to put racial connotations to these things they can, but trust me, like in a lot of other things, "its not about you."