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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trayvon Martin and the "Crips"

Via The Other McCain (some allegations)

Here’s something else you don’t know. From the age of 3 until age 15 or 16, Trayvon Martin lived NOT with Sybrina Fulton but with Tracy Martin, a known member of the Crips, and his then-wife Alicia Stanley-Martin, who was mentioned above. Alicia Stanley-Martin in that interview with Anderson Cooper said Trayvon spent 90% of his life in her home being raised with her two daughters from a previous relationship.
When Tracy Martin dumped Alicia for Brandy he sent Trayvon to live with Sybrina — a woman he hardly knew. The two didn’t get along at all. Sybrina kicked Trayvon out two days before he ju.mped Zimmerman

It is also alleged that Tracy initiated "... Trayvon into the Crips, including purchasing illegal guns on the street."

The reason this bears looking into is that the Crips are not know to stop before they kill someone. If this is true, George Zimmerman may have been killed if he had not had a gun. It also give impetus to the suspicion that the Martin family is cold-bloodedly cashing in on Trayvon’s death.

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