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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So on the list of common causes of death for black youths, where does “member of neighborhood watch with a concealed carry permit” rank?

Frank J. asks the headline question.  And it's a good one.

If it were not for DRUDGE, people who don’t live in Chicago would not know the carnage that occurs there in a typical week. To solve the murder problem, Mayor Emanuel should ship the people living in certain sections of Chicago to Baghdad. But perhaps that would be unfair to the Iraqis.

The entire Martin-Zimmerman case was ginned up by Big Race and brought to America’s front steps by Big Media. It was never about race. It was always about money. Money for the Martin family to cash in on their son’s death. About members of the Big Race industry looking for contributions from the gullible and “protection” from the fearful. And Big Media are pumping up their viewer numbers so they can charge bigger ad rates. And all it took was a dead punk and a “creepy-ass cracker” who will have to wear a bulletproof vest for the rest of his life. The ones who get richer off the remains figure that it’s a pretty good day.

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