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Thursday, July 11, 2013


ObamaCare put up for adoption

It happened in the dark of night. The Democrat president and the Democrat congress had consensual relations. And out of that coupling, a law was conceived. The proud parents decided to call it the Affordable Care Act but it goes by the nickname: ObamaCare. When the advent was announced the Greek chorus in the media burst into glad hosannas. Their savior had brought medical heaven on earth. This miraculous offspring was perfect.
The infant baby ObamaCare would provide insurance for everyone, healthy or sick, lame or blind, young and old and it would make everyone’s insurance bill fall by $2500 per year.
If for some reason you were happy with your rotten old doctor and your rotten old insurance you could keep it; you Neanderthal.
It would take care of the deficit (remember that promise?) 
It would lower the oceans and heal the planet. No, I made that up. The oceans began to recede and the planet to heal when Obama was elected. That was even before ObamaCare was a gleam in Obama’s eye.
And those evil, dastardly, racist, bigoted, homophobic Republicans wanted to abort this beautiful baby.
But they did not get their way and ObamaCare was born.
Strangely enough, (or as Glenn Reynolds likes to say “unexpectedly”) the baby did not live up to its promises. In fact he did not live up to any of its promises. Surprise: no universal coverage, premiums are up, health care plans were dropped and changed right and left, doctors (those not retiring) are changing their practice to eliminate insurance payments, and the deficit and the debt continue to rise. It turns out that costs are so high that only really stupid young healthy people would sign up for ObamaCare.
This is one ugly baby.
So the proud parents and their Greek chorus want to put their baby up for adoption. How do I know? The press, in the person of my local paper, the Virginian Pilot (a charter member of the Obama Greek chorus) has suddenly announced that “Congress Must Fix Healthcare.” After taking the obligatory shots at conservatives, they make the astounding concession that their toddler may be “fundamentally unworkable,” even “wildly overcomplicated.” They profess to see “major surprises” as implementation moves forward. They are gob smacked that taking control of one-sixth of the US economy is not going to be smooth and simple because the ones in charge are the “ones we have been waiting for.”
So they now want “congress” to fix it. But “congress” did not conceive it; Democrats did. The act was not consummated as a ménage a trois. Republicans were not invited to participate as this wedding was consummated. There is no question about this baby’s parents.  No DNA tests are needed.
What the press means by “congress” is really: “Republicans.” They want Republicans to adopt this infant Frankenstein and help it grow. But repeal it and start over? No way. This is their baby, the one they wanted, their precious snowflake. They just want to pretend that the way it came out isn’t their fault. They want somebody else to take the responsibility for keeping it alive and raising it.
And if Republicans fall for this they will once again prove that they are the stupid party.

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