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Friday, August 02, 2013


Thoughts on the New York elections

From Akaky

Even if the well is still pretty dry, it's hard not to wonder about the outcome of the upcoming Democratic primary for mayor of New York. Will Weiner walk? What will Huma do? And what about Miss Leathers, who gets all hot and bothered listening to wonks debate health care policy? Actually, you really do have to feel sorry for Huma. Here she is, a proud warrioress of Islam, devoted to spreading the True Faith by any means necessary amongst the loathsome kaffirs who dwell in benighted darkness in the Dar al-Harb with their loose women and their thirty minute pizza delivery and their flush toilets, and she is stuck with this idiot Jew who can't stop showing off his tallywhacker to any woman who wants to take a look at it. 
Read the whole thing.

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