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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chuck Todd Lying for a Living

On Morning Joe,we have an excellent example of a presstitute lying.  Chuck Todd tells one whopper after another.  Told to explain why Obama repeated the lie that "If you like your insurance you can keep it. Period." Gave this answer ...

CHUCK TODD: They put themselves in the companies. They were making promises that they were hoping the insurance companies were going to keep. But when you think about that initial statement, and at the time all of us said we're highly skeptical of how he can make that promise because let's look -- let's look at our own company. We can't decide to keep our health care if Comcast decides to change health plans. Okay. We can't. We’ll get a choice. We’ll get a, maybe an A, B, or C. So when the president said it, he was basically only people on Medicare, Tricare, or Medicaid.
To which I respond:
  • Who told you that Obama was hoping the insurance companies were going to fulfill Obama's promise?  You lie.
  • " at the time all of us said we're highly skeptical of how he can make that promise"  Really F. Chuck?  Because I don't remember one of you bringing up this skepticism.  You lie.
  • Finally F. Chuck, we're not talking about employer provided health care here.  This is a benefit provided by the employer.  We're talking about individuals who don't get that benefit but now end up paying thousands of dollars more per year for crappier insurance with higher deductibles in many cases.  We're talking about old men who are forced to buy maternity care insurance, F. Chuck.  You lie.
And because I think the F. Chuck Todd is probably smarter that a Maine potato, I take this next statement is also an out-and-out lie ...

CHUCK TODD: I never understood why he said if you like your health care plan you can keep it because he was relying somehow on the insurance companies to keep this promise.
You lie.  You never understood why he lied?  Let me buy you a clue you effing moron, he was trying to get elected and was lying through his teeth because if he told the truth he would lose.  F. Chuck Todd knows very well why Obama lied.  And then repeats the lie about relying on insurance companies keeping Obama's promises for him. 
F. Chuck Todd knows his audience and knows they are mostly mindless partisans because that's who watches MSNBC.  The like to be lied to by the likes of F. Chuck Todd. 

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