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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Virginian Pilot = Chicken Little over Global Warming

The technical illiterates and moral reprobates at the Virginian Pilot publish an editorial from time to time telling us that if we don't decrease our newsprint use ... uh carbon footprint ... we're all going to die.  It's the same tiresome dreck that you can hear from that crazed loon street preacher on Granby Street  telling you that you're going to hell unless you repent.  Which only goes to show that you can have a job and go to work in an air-conditioned office and still be an ignorant, irritating, obsessed nut. 

I'm willing to do my part, but somehow they never take me up on my eminently sensible suggestion that we impose a $1 tax on every newspaper sold.  Do it for the environment!

Meanwhile, here's an interesting essay that shows, with pictures and graphs that even a 6th grader can understand, that it's the nature of earth's climate to change over time.  And no ill-educated nut at the Virginian Pilot can stop it, no matter how often he bares his ignorance for the amazed public. 

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