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Monday, October 28, 2013

News media to American people: “Screw you.” It's all about Barack "he didn't know" Obama

ObamaCare is a disaster for the American people. Initially the headlines were about the fact that the website isn’t working. Now we’re learning that hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of individuals and families buying their own policies are being cancelled and the ObamaCare alternatives are thousands of dollars more expensive. Middle class America is being crushed, but the news media are obsessively focused on the effect it’s having on Obama and the Democrats. Who cares if Mrs. Jones can’t afford both ObamaCare and rent; the real question for the media is how is this going to affect Obama and the other Democrats in the 2014 elections.
And if you think the devastation is bad for those subject to the “individual mandate” wait until the one-year delay in the corporate mandate kicks in. That’s where most people are insured and there is every incentive for companies to terminate their medical plans or to pass the premium increases on to their employees. That’s when you can see the real effects of ObamaCare on the economy.
The economy is going to take a hit. Because you can’t take thousands of dollars away from American families and not effect the economy. There is no economic difference between a massive tax hike on individuals and the money ObamaCare is going to suck out of the disposable income of the middle class. Make no mistake, this will affect the Middle Class hardest. The poor will turn to Medicaid; the rich will shrug off the added cost. The Middle Class, those earning between $45,000 and $200,000 will be hit hardest and it will that’s the sector of the economy that has the biggest impact on the sales of groceries, housing, cars, fuel, even entertainment. With an economy barely keeping its head above water, this is like throwing a drowning man an anchor.
But you can bet that when the economy declines into an ObamaCare induced recession, the media will call it “unexpected,” and be surprised.

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