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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why is Obama's job appoval still over 40%?

Obama's Job Approval Declines to 44.5% in 19th Quarter

Barack Obama's Quarterly Job Approval Averages

Better than Nixon and Johnson,

Three post-World War II presidents -- Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, and Bill Clinton -- had significantly higher 19th quarter averages, all near 60%, than Obama. Two presidents had lower 19th quarter averages than Obama: Richard Nixon, whose 19th quarter came during the Watergate investigations, and Lyndon Johnson, attributable mostly to the increasingly unpopular Vietnam War. Obama's 19th quarter approval average is most similar to those of Harry Truman and George W. Bush.


Tregonsee said...

He has an unbreakable lock on about 13% of the population, and nearly as strong a lock on about another 13%. That only requires about 20-25% of the rest to get to where he is. Add in that for the true liberal, intent trumps reality. QED.

alanstorm said...

Bizarre as the number is, it's actually an improvement. According to two recent polls - known as "the 2008 & 2012 elections" just over 50% of the country was critically stupid.