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Sunday, October 20, 2013

McAuliffe's taxes

Terry McAuliffe, multimillionaire and Democrat candidate for Governor of Virginia revealed that he reported $9.5 million in taxable income last year, but few details. 
A few questions were raised by others, such as where the money came from, why he was paid nearly half a million dollars by a car company that is struggling and from which he resigned, and exactly how much money did McAuliffe make from an insurance scam that took advantage of the terminally ill? 
But I have an addition question.  One of the details omitted was the amount he paid in state income taxes, and more interesting, in what states did he pay those taxes.  
Since he's running to be Virginia's governor, wouldn't it be interesting to find out that a lot of the taxes he paid went to other states?  Just speculation of course, but the lack of detail makes this a real possibility. 

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