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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Death benefits not paid to fallen soldiers families

The MSM  and the conservative media are treating the scandal very differently. 
To read about the story in the MSM, the Pentagon had no choice about withholding payment of the death benefit from the grieving families and denying them a plane ride to Dover AFB to meet the bodies  of the soldiers killed in battle.  It seems that some unknown entity we'll call "Mr. Government Closer" found a rule that said that death benefits can't be paid, but that the Pentagon can keep the military golf course open so that President Obama can play.  Of course nobody told Obama anything, he has to wait to read about it in the Washington Post.  And of course, when Commander-in-Chief Obama found out what the Obama Pentagon had done he went right to work ordering his Pentagon to find a way.  What a guy! 
Of course the reality is 180 degrees from this fairy tale.  The Obama administration wanted to create the maximum pain on the American people to pressure the House of Representatives to cave in to all the Obama demands.  These include absolutely no changes in that train wreck called ObamaCare (except what Obama decrees) and a blank check with no limits on all future government spending.  
So how can we cause the American people pain while blaming it on the Tea Party?  If that meant closing the open-air World War 2 Memorial and the Viet Nam Memorial that was one way.  If it meant closing the Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore, that was another.  If it meant turning young cancer patients away form the NIH and refusing to consider a bill passed by the House to keep it open, that was third.  If it meant not paying the widows and orphans of the dead, that was a fourth.  The list of petty and vindictive actions taken by Team Obama is much longer than this, but they will do to show the nature of the people at the top. 
This is the group that has the full throated support of the MSM who tell us that we should be blaming the Republicans and the Tea Party because they can make all this pain go away if only they would give in.  And it's true, you can always make the torturers stop if you give them what they want.  But make no mistake about who's inflicting the pain and the nature of the people who choose to deny aging veterans access to their memorials, families the right to see their parks and grieving families the right to meet their dead heroes and collect the pittance that is due them.   Make no mistake that when you hear how this is all the fault of the Tea Party, just keep in mind that the House of Representatives has passed bills to fund all of these activities, but Harry Reid won't let them pass in the Senate and Obama promises to veto them.   

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