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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I think that some on the Right are beginning to get it

Some are beginning to understand that the purpose of the Tea Party and it's members in Congress like Ted Cruz, is not primarily to elect Republicans.  It's taken people so long because so much of the political thinking is not concerned with ideas but by parties.  What's bad for Republicans is supposed to be good for Democrats and vice versa.  But that's not necessarily true.  That makes it impossible to see what's really happening.  It's much bigger than that, and some are beginning to get it.  One is Steven Hayward at Powerline.

The conventional wisdom right now is that the government shutdown ranks somewhere between a debacle and a catastrophe for Republicans, and their abject surrender is expected before too much longer. I’m not so sure. While I thought the shutdown was a dubious and unwise tactic, I think taking a longer view may cast a different light on the scene.

First of all, like the sequester, have the majority of Americans noticed its effects beyond what the media has been screaming about? The bullying tactics of forcibly shutting off public spaces like the World War II memorial on the mall has surely inflicted damage on Obama that, had he behaved with minimal restraint, he might have been spared.

It really doesn't matter what Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid cook up as a "compromise." People are beginning to notice, big time, that Big Government isn't working.

Who is helped and who is hurt by that realization?  Neither party is helped, but an emerging ideology is.  And with this in mind, the country that elected a Socialist a little over a year ago, France, is electing members of what the press refers to as "the far right."   Things can change very quickly is you are willing to think outside the box.

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