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Tuesday, December 03, 2013


NY Times begins beating the drum for Death Panels

I wonder if you're still alive at 80 how they'll kill you.  Gas?  An overdoes of something?
What is the social benefit of these old people?
It used to be considered immoral to ask that question.
 But here's a question: should we liquidate all those who have no social utility?

Remember how Sarah Palin was ridiculed when she said that ObamaCare would have to have Death Panels?  Palin was so insightful about many things, but the consensus among the chattering classes is still that she's dumb.  Here's the reality: Palin is as smart as Obama's idolaters believe he is and Obama's as dumb as Palin haters believe she is.  

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David Burge of the Iowahawk blogsite (and twitter) posted an item a week ago or so that was referenced on other blog sites, to the effect (paraphrasing from memory) that Obamacare was "health care for the Soylent Majority."

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