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Monday, December 02, 2013


OUT OF TOUCH: NY Times still thinks the problem with ObamaCare is the website.

In a long article about the failure of Team Obama to implement ObamaCare, the focus is totally and exclusively on the failure of the website.  The fact that people are losing the insurance they were happy with, the doctors they liked and that many are having to pay much higher premiums is passed off as Republican propaganda.

If you feel you must, here's the article:  Inside the Race to Rescue a Health Care Site, and Obama

It's an excellent example of the way that the press lies while seeming to tell the truth.  It's misdirection, the way a magician distracts you with one hand so that you won't notice what his other hand is doing.  The focus is on Team Obama and his image rather than the effect this law is having on the country.
The moment the government reopened, Mr. Obama and his image-makers knew, the news media would turn its attention to the website fiasco; at the Oct. 15 meeting, the president directed aides to make plans for him to tell the public that “yes, the website is screwed up,” one said. Within days, Republicans would have front-page evidence that the “Obamacare train wreck” they had long predicted had become a reality.
The people who created this fiasco are shown in a flattering light, so overwrought that they cry. 
That morning, an aide to the secretary [Sebelius] woke up and burst into tears. “We are taking arrows every day,” she said.
Here's how they treat Obama's lies; he took it personally that people thought he lied when he lied.

Inside the West Wing, where junior researchers monitor Twitter and other social media, officials knew the political controversy had moved beyond the broken website. Now it was about a broken promise. But for Mr. Obama, the mounting criticism was more than political. It felt personal.

“He was uncomfortable,” one senior adviser said. He hated the idea that so many Americans had received cancellation letters from their insurance companies and were angry because “of what the president had said — that this wouldn’t have happened.”
And the fact that Obama's lies were being exposed is blamed on those rascally Republicans (who should just shut up already).  Republicans are "huddling,"  they are "users" of people's anger.  They are going to war against poor Barack Obama with their "battle plan."  Instead of focusing on the website, Republicans actually focused on the lies and the problems with ObamaCare for the people.  Despicable!

As senior Republican lawmakers huddled in strategy sessions to take advantage of the website debacle, their constituents began sending stories about having their health insurance canceled suddenly. Their anger at the president was palpable — and usable.

Bruno Gora, a 61-year-old self-employed promotional products distributor in Henrico, Va., for one, dashed off a note to his congressman, the House Republican leader, Representative Eric Cantor. Mr. Cantor had for years been questioning Mr. Obama’s “If you like your plan, you can keep it” promise. Now there was tangible proof that the president had been wrong.

Countless letters like that formed the backbone of the new Republican battle plan. The strategists knew that HealthCare.gov would eventually be fixed; it was time, one said, “to go heavy on the broken promise.”

Here's how they describe Obama's political, impractical U-turn on keeping your old insurance ... a "plan" that wasn't a plan at all,. but a way of trying to switch the blame for cancelled policies to insurance companies. The problem is that selling policies that don't meet ObamaCare standards is illegal and illegal contracts cannot be enforced.
Despite lingering concerns inside the administration about the long-term impact on the health care law, the president announced his solution the next day: insurers would be allowed to renew old plans for a year. The announcement came just hours before a vote on a Republican bill to let insurers renew old policies and sell similar ones to new customers next year. Insurance executives, who had participated in lengthy conversations with Mr. Jennings and other officials, said they were unprepared for Mr. Obama’s about-face.

Meanwhile the NY Times will be there with Obama trying to turn the page, making another speech, raising more money.
“I’m absolutely sure we’re going to make sure this country provides affordable health care for every single American,” Mr. Obama told the donors. “And if I have to fight for another three years to make sure that happens, I will do so.”

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