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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Here’s What’s Behind Our Obsession With Zombies

Perhaps our ids are onto something. After all, foreigners are relatively easy to deal with. They blew up our buildings, so we went over and slaughtered thousands of jihadis and their medieval buddies. Except for a few attempts with various levels of success, they have been ineffective here since. Those who try shooting up Americans for Allah last a few minutes at best before they get shot down. The foreigners are a threat, but that’s under control.

What is out of control, or what seems like it is out of control, is our society itself. A pervasive unease in America is deepening. It is a sense that our society has become unstable, that the normalcy we took for granted is gone and perhaps not coming back. There is a sense that at the other end of the tunnel we have walked down is chaos. We are at the point where millions [...voted for Barack Obama and who still think he's doing the right thing.]

Because I look at the people in the mall, my neighbors in their yards, the people lined up at the polls and wonder, are these people the ones who supported Obama and still do? For many the answer's yes. Maybe Obama is a symptom of a problem and the ones who voted for him and approve of what he's doing are the real problem. In zombie lore, zombies are created by the bite of another zombie. Are the people I see, who seem to be normal, really zombies infecting their children, their students, their neighbors via an ideological infection?

It's easy to tell a zombie when the exhibit all the symptoms.  But when they're under cover you have to be careful.

Some lives matter, others apparently don’t. The Bill of Rights is now negotiable. The White House issues instructions to sophomores to hassle their elders about Obamacare at Thanksgiving dinner. Red and blue people barely mix anymore—these days, would you bring up politics at a party where you weren’t sure everyone else was on board?

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