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Sunday, October 04, 2015


What if the News Media Were Being Killed Instead of Schoolchildren?

We have known for years that madmen with guns target schools, and yet I have never seen a single member of the mainstream media ask an official in the aftermath why in God’s name there was no increase in security.

There are IMMEDIATE solutions to these school shootings. Not fool-proof solutions, but common sense solutions that could be implemented TOMORROW: remove the gun-free zone signs that advertise sitting ducks and armor up with armed guards and personnel.

How many of our veterans are unemployed?

How many off-duty cops are looking to pick up a few extra bucks?

Yes, it would cost money. But the primary job of our government — including at the state and local level where this should be arranged — is to protect us.

These are IMMEDIATE COMMON SENSE solutions. This is also the OBVIOUS course the media itself would take if it were under attack by random mad men.

Why then won’t the media call for this solution?

Why then won’t the media shame local officials who did nothing to increase security during this epidemic?

The answer is painfully obvious and painfully revealing: if the school shootings stop, the best leverage Democrats and their media allies have to pass gun control vanishes.

The media’s priority is not to protect schoolchildren.

The media’s priority is to use piles of dead schoolchildren as sacrifices to The Cause.

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