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Thursday, October 15, 2015


If those trends continue one would expect to see in 2025:

  1. The self-destruction of the Muslim Middle East;
  1. The rise of ethnic and national politics in Europe;
  1. The widespread resurgence of religion and cultural identity as a consequence of (2);
  1. Mass expulsions or segregation in large parts of the world to deconflict incompatible communities
  1. Everyone packing personal weapons like the Wild West
  1. The collapse of multi-ethnic countries into simplified pacts based around of national defense, with most social law generated by local communities and affinity groups;
  1. One or more large regional wars with casualties in the tens of millions.
  1. Several, possibly many WMD attacks on major cities involving radiological weapons, low yield nukes or biological agents.
  1. The collapse of any realistic expectation of Peace on Earth, with the remaining hope of mankind vested in the new space frontier.

And that's the optimistic scenario.


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