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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It’s not racist when they do it!

After eviscerating SJW with vim and vigor: example:
See/ Star Trek was all about white Kirk humping alien babes! This shows a basic lack of comprehension for the show and an attempt to excoriate something she obviously has never had any interest in other than as a well-pummeled punching bag for her ideological hatred of the white patriarchy.

(worth a read) but it's not racist or sexist when they do it:

Oh my god, I can’t even read male scifi writers, it’s always such boring, boring sexist drivel. I stopped reading male scifi writers recently though and I actually like the genre again!

Based on your writing, you might as well have stopped at “I can’t read.”
But to agree, I did a think last year where I only read female SF/F writers for like six months, and it honestly was one of my best reading decisions ever.
But that’s not sexist or anything. Hell, K. Tempest Bradford RAGE QUIT reading works by white, male authors, but she’s not racist or sexist either.
Women and other minorities in SFF are doing such cool shit right now, there’s no reason to read anyone else …
No, of course not! Why read for quality? Just choose your authors based on race. But that’s not racist.
It’s not racist when they do it!

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