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Sunday, October 04, 2015


UCC Shooting: The Culture of Helplessness

My point here is to discuss a phenomenon which has bothered me since 9/11: Americans seem to be losing their martial spirit, their tendency to run toward the danger, guns in hand, rather than submit, bow their heads, and wait for the inevitable to consume them....

I would argue that the real issue isn’t the race of the perp, or his sex. Rather, it is a culture of helplessness that, like the schoolyard bully, enables the shooter. Someone considering whether or not to engage in such violence has to ask himself the question: am I likely to succeed, to kill a lot of victims. Mass shooters want as much attention as possible, they want the greatest number of victims possible. They want to go out in a proverbial blaze of infamy.

Getting off one or two shots before the mob of angry Americans tears you limb-from-limb doesn’t work in that model. Even the psychopathic lunatic would have to weigh that risk before engaging in his violent attack. The terrorist hijackers would have to account for the possibility that, not only would they die (often a given), but they would fail in their mission.

Leftist feel-good, non-violent pacifism has created the mass shooting epidemic, not a lack of gun control. This isn’t caused by some kind of White supremacist Right-wing conspiracy, nor is it caused by “toxic masculinity” as McIntosh would have you believe.

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