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Sunday, October 25, 2015


Judge who freed ‘cop-killer’ apologizes: ‘I am truly sorry’

That will fix things for the family and friends of the slain officer, won't it?
Now she’s sorry — five months ­after freeing the career drug dealer who is charged with murdering ­Police Officer Randolph Holder.
The hero cop’s death this week, by a bullet to the forehead during a shootout in East Harlem, “breaks my heart,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez said Friday.
“I know. I am truly sorry,” Nuñez said sadly when a Post reporter reminded her about the 33-year-old cop’s devastated family.

And her partner in this travesty:

Meanwhile, the judge who had suggested rehab instead of prison for Howard, Justice Edward McLaughlin, has defended his and Nuñez’s decision to free the accused cop-killer.
“I don’t get a crystal ball when I get a robe,’’ McLaughlin told reporters the day after Holder’s death.

Or a brain.  

At some point, someone will take "full responsibility."  And that will be it for public officials.

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