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Saturday, October 03, 2015


Russia Destroys ISIS Training Camp and Command Center That For Some Curious Reason Was Still Standing After a Year of Obama's "Degrade and Destroy" Air Campaign

Ace of Spaced comments:
I guess Obama just didn't notice the ISIS Command Center there.

Remember the ferocious air campaign that Obama said we were conducting against ISIS?

I also note that Obama and his lickspittle acolytes in the media are predicting that Putin is going to get sucked into a morass.  He's where I also agree with Ace:
I'm going to guess this is 100% wrong, because the Idiot Princeling is saying it....

Obama, feeling humiliated (as he ought to), went on to offer other impotent insults, specifically saying Putin is acting out of "weakness" and not strength of the sort shown by the feckless, incompetent coward Obama....

Obama went on to, as usual, suggest that Putin doesn't properly understand his own interests and goals and if he did he would agree to whatever faggity shit Obama is babbling about.

Obama is confusing Putin with the Republican congressional leaders who have all the courage of kicked curs.

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