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Saturday, October 24, 2015


NY Times implies people are advocating for nonconsensual sex

"Students advocate for consensual sex," reads the current subhead of a 2014 New York Times article making the rounds on social media. The article's URL indicates this was originally the main title, but was changed to "Making consent cool."

The implication from the original title is that there are those out there advocating – or at the very least, tolerating – nonconsensual sex.

This is simply not true. No one is advocating for nonconsensual sex. The fact that that even needs to be said shows just how extreme and dishonest activists have become.

There are those out there, however, who are advocating against a narrow definition of consent that defines nearly all sex as rape by default unless a specific and unworkable set of rules are followed.

It means that those who engage in sexual activity have to treat it as a question-and-answer session rather than a passionate encounter. And since a prior dating history or previous sexual encounters "should never by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent," every sexual encounter has to be treated as if both participants are unknown strangers.

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