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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Was all this due to incompetence or nihilism? Good question.

Victor Davis Hanson
Government has now adopted a Third-World ethos. Review the Secret Service. It has gone rogue, leaking old files on congressional watchdogs. The IRS is an extension of the White House; in brilliant fashion Lois Lerner left a legacy of deterrence: something like, “I am still not in jail, and you all are still worried that there are thousands like me burrowed in the IRS watching you.”

What exactly were cabinet heads Lisa Jackson and Hilda Solis doing when they so hastily left? Is NASA still doing Islamic outreach or finally trying to get us our own rocket?

Where did all the rogues and incompetents at the GSA, ICE, NSA, TSA, and VA come from? Did they simply come out of the woodwork once Obama set the tone that bureaucrats are to be ACORN and SEIU-like community organizers? When did the goal of a 24-year-old college graduate become a sinecure as a government bureaucrat, replete with de facto lifelong tenure, guaranteed pay raises, and a retirement system that pays out annually more than does a private $4-million 401K without the worry?

Was all this due to incompetence or nihilism?

Who knows or cares? The only mystery left is how much damage the last gasp of 2016 will bring? Abroad, our enemies will rightly conclude that 2016 is about the time to cash in the last of their winnings and leave the table. And at home, we will have a year to go of petulance, spite, and snark because we have finally rejected the messiah sent into the world to save us.

Never attribute to stupidity that which can adequately be explained by malice.

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