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Thursday, October 22, 2015


Cranky Old Jewish Man is the new Cool Black Guy

Despite the groans of disappointment from Biden's fan, it looks like he won't be running for President any time soon ... unless the inevitable Hillary is indicted and can't fight to stay out of jail and run for President simultaneously.

But according to Bud Norman, the Democrat Party's base in pumped for Bernie and one more surprise in the run for the White House is not out of the question.

These crazy mixed-up kids today don’t understand that “socialist” is a dirty word, either, just as they seem not to understand that any of the dirty words are dirty words, and their ironic hipness is such that they can embrace a Cranky Old Jewish Man as the new Cool Black Guy, and the press has been obliged to report that his crowds have been bigger and more enthused than Clinton’s almost everywhere for months now, which is eerily reminiscent of the last time that Clinton was prophesied as inevitable, so as much as we wish it weren’t so Sanders still strikes us as an ongoing possibility. A Biden candidacy would have split the “establishment” vote from Clinton in the primaries and with Obama’s implicit approval would have stolen many of her crucial black voters and drained little from the very enthused ranks of mostly-white Sanders supporters, and thus would likely have been a boon to Sanders, but even without that gift he still seems from our perspective at least a serious contender if not an outright front-runner.

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