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Saturday, January 02, 2016


Frankly, the Democratic Party must somehow benefit from ghetto violence because every city they run seems to have a Third World-level homicide rate.

Don Surber on violence in schools.

While there are homicides of teens across America, most of the perpetrators and the victims are black males who live in the ghetto. That is where we should concentrate our efforts.

Gun control is a proven mistake. We have had gun control since 1968 (although federal laws date back to 1934, the 1968 law was the biggy). A Democratic Congress and a Democratic president enacted the law after the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King. Both were shot by rifles. The law had little effect on rifles. Democrats went after handguns. The result was disastrous. The homicide rate rose from 6.2 homicides per 100,000 Americans in 1967 (the last full year before the law was enacted) to 10.2 by 1980. It dropped slightly but stayed above the pre-gun control rate for 30 years, falling only after states eased restrictions on concealed weapons permits (Vermont never required a permit).

The government can use schools to reduce gun violence by concentrating on schools where young black males kill other young black males. We already dole out extra money for reading teachers under Title I to these schools, and have for 40 years. OK, the reading scores are worse but that is because they do not attack the real problem. It is not that these kids are stupid, it is that they are undisciplined. Most have no father or any other positive male role model in their life. And yes, that happens to white kids too (I was one) and it sucks too. Race is not the issue. Lack of discipline is.
It's as if they want violence to happen

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