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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Does Barack Have an Uncle and Did He Liberate Auschwitz?

Well, no.

But it makes a good story, and is designed to appeal to Jews.

His mother was an only child, so Obama has no American uncles. His uncles on his father’s side (the ones from Kenya), if they participated in WW2, did not go to Europe.

According to the Obama camp, the “uncle” who was actually a great-uncle who did not liberate Auschwitz but instead participated in the liberation of a labor camp called Ohrdruf (a name likely unrecognizable to most Americans under age 70).

Ohrdruf, per the President, Society of the 89th Division, WWII:
...these camps which I and others prefer to refer to as slave labor camps, were not engaged in any discernable program of extermination of certain groups such as the Jews. An after action report of the G-5 staff (military government) of the 89th Division was given to me with a query from a young lawyer in Belgium. The survivors of many of these camps were administered to by military government personnel and were found to be victims of sickness, starvation and slave labor to the extent that most of them were in very bad shape. These people, along with many others became classified as displaced persons (DP's); some of them spent many years in DP camps in Germany before finding a new home elsewhere. But in answer to my query, there was no connection between the activities of the concentration camps and these slave labor camps.
Role of the 89th in that liberation, from a platoon leader of the 89th Recon Troop:
My 2nd Platoon was reconnoitering ahead of the infantry regiment (355th) on that day and we came upon this complex and two German soldiers who were guarding the front gates. We shot and killed one, and the other ran off. Setting up a modest defense, we entered the compound and saw first hand the horror of life in a Nazi concentration camp. We radioed our troop headquarters for instructions and were told to remain there, keeping the inmates contained (this was hardly necessary, as most were in their bunks, hardly able to walk) while HQ contacted the infantry to relieve us. In less than three hours, the infantry (3rd Battalion, 355th Inf) arrived and we were sent on a new mission.

Just out of curiosity - was the entire 89th involved in this three-hour operation that sent Uncle Charlie to the attic for six months?

So what we appear to have is something that’s commonly known as “resume inflation.” And that’s what you get when you have a man who has no real experience. When what you have is an empty suit who is trying to pretend that there is substance there.

But what was the point of the fable? The point was really to try to connect with the American people by telling them how callous the government is about the emotional problems of its soldiers. The “uncle” is supposed to have spent six months in the attic, having experienced the sights he encountered in the liberation of Ohrdruf, an experience that may have lasted less than three hours.

The punch line is that Obama will make sure that America’s fighting men and will get all the mental care they deserve.

That’s it. That’s the punch line. That’s the reason for the fable. That’s what American fighting men are good for: a story line for a health care pitch. And the combat vet is cast in the eternal role that the Liberals have created for him: the crazy uncle in the attic. Just wait until Barack discovers another uncle whose wartime experiences drove him to drink and living in the street when he isn’t shooting up a beer hall on Saturday nights.

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Anonymous said...

The pandering, constant lies, and just plain lack of knowledge about American history are bad enough, but even worse is the idea that all veterans are messed up and need to have mental health screening; which, given the new gun rights restrictions in the wake of Virginia Tech, would strip all of them of their constitutional right to bear arms. How convienient for someone plotting a revolutionary change for America.