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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

McCain and Global Warming

It is really amazing to watch. You can make money on this: whenever politicians or church leaders glom on to a concept, it’s over. John McCain has fastened on the global warming hoax like a remora. It’s not just bad for the economy, for freedom and for the environment, it’s also incredibly bad timing for “Maverick” John McCain.

Holman Jenkins points out in the Wall Street Journal:
And yet every journalistic tendril senses that the fuss over warming is about to cool. Global mean temperatures have been flat for a decade. The biofuel folly has chased away any easy belief that we can centrally plan our way out of reliance on fossil fuels. Voters seem more concerned with high gas prices. Even the town criers of global warming acknowledge that we will be stuck adapting to whatever climate comes along.

It’s even being acknowledged by the climate hysterics and the troglodytes in the MSM that global warming has been reversed by natural forces and that at least one of the “fixes” – ethanol – has been a human and ecological disaster.

To take the stand that McCain has taken just at this time shows a stupidity that is hard to fathom.

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