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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Truth Laces Up Its Shoes

The vaunted MSM with its army of fact checkers lies again.

This is a pretty good example of how events in the Middle East get reported: last Monday, Israeli aircraft fired at armed terrorists in Beit Hanun, a town in Gaza near the border with Israel. Tragically, a mother and four of her children were killed when their house was struck by an explosive device. When the incident was initially reported, black and white hats were firmly in place. AFP headlined: "Four children among victims of Israeli strikes on Gaza." AFP assigned responsibility for the children's deaths as a matter of fact:

Four children, aged one to five, and their mother were among seven people killed by Israeli forces in Gaza Monday as Palestinian factions headed to Egypt for talks on a possible truce.
The four siblings -- aged one, three, four and five -- were killed when a missile hit their home in the town of Beit Hanun, and their mother died later of her wounds, doctors at the Kamal Radwan hospital said.

Read the rest ... see the video.

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