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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama Bombs in West Virginia: Democrats and Political Suicide

Let’s see: Obama beat Clinton in North Carolina by 20 points and that seals her fate. Clinton beats Obama by 41 points in West Virginia and it makes no difference. The fact is it probably doesn’t in term of who get the Democrat nomination. Cokie and John Roberts point out that being Black in the Democrat party is an asset.
But at this time, in this party, being black is an enormous asset. Given America's long, torturous path toward racial justice, many Democrats simply cannot imagine denying the nomination to the first serious African-American candidate for president.

They then go on to say:
From a moral perspective, that's a noble judgment. From a political perspective, it could cost Democrats the White House.

I would vigorously deny that giving racial preferences to anyone is either noble or moral, but then I am not a Liberal. But it gives John McCain a real chance in the general election and puts those polls that seemed to show that the Jerry Wright and Bill Ayers made no difference to voters to be totally misleading.

If there are any doubts about this, ask the people of West “By God” Virginia.

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