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Friday, May 30, 2008

An Open Letter from Obama Supporters to Islam: Please Come and Kill More of Us.


You may have asked yourselves if, with the rise of Barack Hussein Obama, we American supporters of the candidate of the millennium are impatient with you. Yes, it's true. You are not fulfilling our desires which we believe we have made clear with our worship of Obama. Let's be clear about one thing, as supporters of Obama we thirst for death.

We would like you, at your earliest opportunity, to expunge our guilt - especially that of the whitest and therefore most guilty among us - by slaughtering us wholesale.

Just as you hate us for what we are so we hate ourselves for who we are. We have so much while you, the petulant children of a whacked-out god, oppressed by your own ratty cultures and fascist governments and unable to contribute anything to civilization for over 500 years, have so little except your "trauma." Because of this we feel it is only fair that you get to kill more of us at will.

AsObama-Americans we have a problem with our self-esteem in this country, and that problem is that you are not killing enough of us quickly enough. Especially if we support Obama. You don't think we're working for him for our health, or even our health-plan, do you?

We don't ask for much in this regard. We only ask that should we succeed in electing Obama, you plan our deaths more carefully and thoroughly. We note that, during the unfortunate events of the 11th, only a few of our children were killed by you. They died because they just happened to be on our airplanes that you borrowed for the day.

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