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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama and his church

Not content with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama has other ministers at Trinity United Church who deliver racist rants as sermons to a cheering congregation.

And this;

I will let others take issue with Father Michael Pfleger. At this point it matters little who the cast of characters are who spout racist, anti-Semitic hatred of America and its people. What is most disturbing is the audience reaction. I say “audience” because the people listening to these “sermons” are in no way a church congregation; they are an audience listening to a speaker they heartily agree with. They cry out, their stand up , they cheer and applaud. We have not had such enthusiasm since the Nuremburg rallies of the 1930s to similar rants by other madmen.

And this is the audience in that Obama has been part of for two decades. This is the audience his wife and children were part of and in which he found inspiration. These are the rants and cheers he finds congenial and from which he draws his spiritual waters.

Obama is the well dressed, well spoken, clean front for the people who laugh and applaud rancid racism and bigotry and who cheer hatred of America.

Forget the speaker, look at the audience.

Thank, I’ve heard enough.

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