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Monday, May 12, 2008

The White Chick, the Cool Clique, and the Black Dude

Vanderleun is one of the best essayists around.

I'd thought I'd seen the very best that the Democrats could do in their ability to make a Fantasy Island out of sheer lumps of highly compressed bullshit, but this one trumps them all:

"Black isn't black and the race isn't about race -- except when it allows us to have a 'national conversation about race,' which it turns out we won't be having, since to have that conversation means we'll have to admit that the Democrat candidate is black. Which he isn't. Because we say so. Get it? Or are you just another Racist?"

You've got to admit that is some superfine gold-plated bullshit. You've got to be in awe of its sheer audacity. You've got to be gobstopped at this concept that goes far, far beyond the human mind's capacity to boggle. You've just got to step back, see the whole pile gleaming in the sun and say, "Wow, pure unadulterated Democrat drool in a solid state!"

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