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Friday, May 09, 2008

Rush Limbaugh on the volcano in Chile

This astonishing picture shows the volcano in Chile erupting during storms in the middle of the night. The electrical storms that they were having, the volcano went up, the volcano caused even more electricity, more lightning as clouds of toxic ash and dust tower into the sky, they ionize the air, generating an explosive electrical storm, colossal forks of lightning spark around the noxious plume as it spews from a volcano's crater, creating an image of raw terrifying energy as if the air itself were ablaze. The UK Daily Mail from May the 7th. We'll get this posted. There's two of these pictures that illustrate this effect and then there are just a bunch of them that show the amount of ash and how thick the cloud is. By the way, one other observation. For those of you buying into this silly compact fluorescent lightbulb scheme, when you look at these pictures from the UK Daily Mail, I want you to try to convince yourself that the type of lightbulb you use matters a hill of beans to anything, when you look at the raw power. And then after you do that, after you ask yourself, after you tell yourself how worthless, how irrelevant, I should say, the kind of lightbulb you use is, I then want to ask you, "Are you one of these people that's bought into this silly notion to unplug your toaster and all of your electronic appliances when you're not using them?"
You might want to do that to save electricity, that's fine. But if you're doing it to save the planet, I want you to take a look these pictures and ask yourself if unplugging your Sunbeam toaster, your Mr. Coffee, your cell phone charger, will matter a hill of beans to the climate of this planet. If you answer yes, you have a serious vanity problem, or worse: Your life is meaningless and you'll be talked into any scheme or hoax to believe in in order to make you think your life has a purpose, such as saving the planet. You're simply helping a bunch of socialists tear down the greatest capitalist system on the face of the planet if you go along with this rotgut garbage.

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