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Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's Right

Wouldn't you like to be a politician who's running against an opponent most people distrust or hate?

I would.

That's why, if I ever ran for office, I would run against the media as much as I would run against my opponent. I would associate my opponent with the media. That should be easy and credible since I am conservative and the media is liberal. I would refuse to sit down with editorial boards and denounce the media's endorsement.

So Hillary's decision to run against the media (see ad below) is both smart and infuriating. It's smart because it's good politics. It's infuriating because this is something Republicans should have been doing for years. Instead, we have one member of the team that disgraced the country and survived thanks to the media. She was the media's darling but they have abandoned her like their first spouse, whoring after the young babe.

She has been jilted and is taking it public. Good for her, but it should have been one of us.

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