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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Doing the job the GOP girliemen won't do

"JohnHuang2" at FreeRepublic has a few thoughts on Sarah Palin.

Shattering the chattering class ceiling

Nothing better demonstrates the fact that Gov. Sarah Palin's on a roll than harrumphing experts declaring that she's finished. (They also once explained why movie actor Ronald Reagan didn't have a chance.) The poor dears have worked themselves into a frenzy because Palin's not taking lovey-dovey advice from her enemies, which is to stay on defense, remain a pinata, fight with both hands tied behind her back, run up another half a million in legal bills over phony ethics charges, announce that she plans to be a lame-duck guv until 2011, etc. She's soooooo out of touch with Maureen Dowd! And that other harpy, Katie Couric.

The gun-toting, moose-hunting-'n-dressing hocky mom governor with smoking-hot looks and stadium-sized crowds and charisma can't seem to connect with the editors of the Wall Street Journal. Even worse, she's alienated elitist snobs by making a "career-ending" move they hadn't thought of.

Besides, you can't just simply resign from your official duties mid-term to seek higher office by running on charisma and rock-star status . . . who does she think she is, Obama???

If resigning the Alaska governorship to fire-up and re-build the conservative movement into a 50-state constituency by laying into Obama and campaigning heavily for GOP candidates up and down the rungs of government is such a career-ender, why are libbies running in circles, shouting and yelling in panic?

Liberals claim Palin's decision to unshackle herself is 'puzzling,' 'bewildering,' 'confounding,' dumbfounding' 'befuddling,' 'mystifying,' 'perplexing,' 'mind-boggling,' etc., then they immediately proceed to explain what her motives were. Two seconds later, they're back to being 'bewildered,' 'puzzled,' 'befuddled,' 'confounded' -- in other words, their normal state of mind.

Always striving to be consistent, liberals mocked Alaska as some underpopulated hicksville dump, so liberals now denounce Palin for 'abandoning' the all-important state of Alaska.

The New York Times, in its typically unbiased/evenhanded way, sniffed that Palin appeared to be "often rambling" in her announcement speech -- also known as speaking extemporaneously without a Teleprompter. Demonstrating the rich diversity of newsroom opinion, U.S. News & World Report attacked Palin for making a . . . "rambling announcement." The media smart set are so captivated by the Teleprompter Jesus's ping-pong shtick that they apparently forgot what it actually sounds like to speak unscripted.

Liberals are so insanely afraid of Palin, that just 24 hours after her announcement they were dancing in the streets like their heroes the crazed Palestinians on 9/11 simply because, as the AP put it, "the controversial hocky mom was no where to be found." The girliemen at joined in the celebration with the headline: "The lady vanishes!"

But! Later in the day, libbies were back to panicking when Palin posted on her Facebook account that she's "now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint."

Palin's biggest offense is that she knocked the experts for a loop last week. But if there's a core reason Palin is giving up quality Moose-hunting time, it's to do the job the GOP girliemen won't do -- taking it to Obama. Free from the stultifying lame-duckery in Alaska, she'll be driving libbies even crazier by campaigning for real conservative candidates across the 57 states and helping Republicans sweep the 2010 midterms. With that party-rebranding game-changer under her belt, Sarah Barracuda will be calling the shots for 2012 and making the fussy little McCain staffers who went crying to Vanity Fair eat their words.

Wish I had said that. Oh wait, I did.

1 comment:

thisishabitforming said...

Hey wait, you don't get all the credit, I'm the one who suggested she resign.

"Yup, that's a lot of brilliance to live up to. Getting this good is going to be a full time job, maybe she should resign as governor."