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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sarah Palin has moved herself from the periphery to the center of power in the Republican party. The Party just doesn't seem to know it yet.

2010 is a make or break election for the Republicans. And the person in that year that can make and break Republican candidates is now Sarah Palin. She's not only a star, she's the only star the Republicans have or are likely to have. Love her or hate her, the Republicans must have her, and she must be available for active campaigning across the country

The rest of the Republican hopefuls are sparklers while Palin is the whole damn fireworks display.

Romney? I would not mind him, but he's a Ken doll.
Huckabee? I would not mind him, but he's a little ... strange.
Any Republican Senator? I would not mind them, but come-on. Haven't we seen this movie before?
Sanford? I would not mind him, but he just self-destructed.
Pawlenty? I would not mind him. Who is he?
Gingrich? I would not mind him. But hasn't he spent the last decade creating a think-tank that no one cares about?

The point that Vanderleun is making is that she is unique, she's a star, she is totally in tune with the average American citizen. The rest ... get the "I would not mind them" treatment .. a monochrome lack of color or vibrancy that is the minimum required to wrest the government from the hands of those who will do anything to hold on to power so they can re-shape America into the image that America-haters-as-it-exists-now view in their mind's eye.


Lisa Graas said...

Excellent post.

I'm inspired by her example. The Beltway bozos on the left and the right can't understand why someone would sacrifice a governor's seat or a chance at the presidency. She believes that the power is with the PEOPLE, not big know-it-alls in government, and when they caused gridlock in her job, making her ineffective, she stepped down to where she has REAL POWER, in the citizenry. She is a tremendous example to all of us and now she is going to lead conservatives in a non-partisan manner. It's simply awesome.

Thanks so much.


Dave said...

Palin is a conservative, and should campaign for conservatives. The wishy-washy middle of the road about to be hit by a car Republicans have got to go. We will never beat the Democrats by trying to out-democrat them, no matter what the beta-males of the party think. We won't beat them by being hip-hop, we won't beat them by being sensitive to the feelings of owls, only by being conservatives and electing the same.