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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The end of Obamania

From the LA Times. Putting the best possible spin on a failed foreign trip, declares that it was not a total disaster.

Obama avoided the rookie mistake that John F. Kennedy committed at his first summit meeting in 1961, when the new president left the Russians thinking he was young, untested and uncertain.

I got a chuckle out of that. Does Doyle McManus really believe that?

For some reason, a disaster for the US may not be something that Obama necessarily worries about. It is, after all, all about HIM. The country is an entirely different, and much less important, matter.

And for the REAL knee slapper, here's McManus' last paragraph:
All of which left Obama sounding, at the end of the week, as if he looked forward to getting back to solvable problems -- such as the economy and healthcare.

Oh yeah, the easy stuff.

Is Obama Jimmy Carter on steroids?

Yeah! Pictures ...Erupting Volcano Anak Krakatau


MarkJ said...

"All of which left Obama sounding, at the end of the week, as if he looked forward to getting back to solvable problems -- such as the economy and healthcare."

Memo for Doyle McManus: Hey buddy, how's that "War on Poverty" thing coming along these days? As I recall, the Democrats promised they were going to "solve" that problem over 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I would give McManus some credit and assume he was being ironic with that last statement.

Anonymous said...

I should like to know what Obama did that McManus thinks might have left the Russians with the idea that he is wise, sophisticated, and ready for anything that might come his way.

It is unfortunate that reporters are not asked to defend their opinions with logic an evidence.

Anonymous said...

Hey, left off climate. Don't you believe Cap and Theft can alter natural forces?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:17 --

Are you saying that Obama hasn't already solved "climate change"? The House passed Cap 'n Trade, a law so important that the bill spoke for itself (which is why it didn't need to be actually, you know, read).

Matthew Noto said...

Does anyone still assume that Obama wants to fix the economy? There's a stimulus bill which has stimulated nothing. The takeover of the the banks which are still not lending. Taking over GM to ensure that the Autoworkers (those warriors of capitalism!) get their welfare-disguised-as-paycheck. Then heturns his attention to health care 'reform', which will not generate amny revenue, and looks as if it will require more borrowing, and Cap-and-Trade, which will burden American business with higher energy costs and leave them vulnerable to foreign competition.

They still have done nothing to shore up the dollar, and forget anything approaching budget cuts. Don't forget 23 new 'czars' with attendant, and overlapping, federal bureaucracies attached.

This guiy is not about to fix anything; his modus operandi is about making people ever-more dependant upon the government.

Even democrats (small 'd'; intentional) know that if you wish to stimulate economic growth, you take the decisions about money out of the hands of the Congresscritters, and slash taxes across the board and let the people decide how to invest the savings.

Jum said...

It doesn't matter what Medvedev and Obama said or did: Putin already knows all he needs to know about Obama. When it comes to foreign thugs and dictators, Barry O has a "please don't hurt me!" look plastered on his hopeful, changing face. Putin knows (because, after all, it is Putin running things in Russia) that he can continue to reassemble the Russian empire because Obama will never take the slightest real action to check him.

TmjUtah said...

Putin probably took the measure of Obama back during the convention. This recent visit has just confirmed the working hypothesis that Barky is an empty suit who likes him some Marxism.

From the perspective of a former KGB spook, we must be a true laugh riot about now. Think about it - every pie-in-the-sky strategic objective laid out in the Verona papers is currently manifested as a Democrat congress or is growing cucumbers behind the White House.

I bet Obama was puzzled where Putin ever picked up enough American pop to be whistling "Georgia On My Mind" all the time..

Mumblix Grumph said...

After the dust settles from the collapse of long will it take for some flack to say "Obama didn't fail us, we failed him"?

Doubting Richard said...

There really is a positive side to Obama's handling of forign affairs. It just doesn't have anything to do with Russia. If only he had done as well in Russia and in dealing with Iran and Honduras then maybe fewer people would be saying "I told you so ...".

Derf said...

The scenario is straight from Tom Clancy. (adapted perhaps from Clancy's Executive Orders) Naive politician lucks into Oval Office.. wants to be loved.. bows and gets on knees to every dictator, despot, & potentate.. AFTER said DD&Ps get everything they can through charm.. AFTER the US military has been emasculated.. (three budget cycles) THEN DD&Ps "push" Mr. Naive Pol very hard nose-to-nose. It will not be a pretty 2011.

Anonymous said...

Give McManus and no one else in the Democrat administration any break at all. I'm not truely sure they can find which bathroom door includes themselves with out checking first. Obama has them all so scared to not tow the Obama line they don't even answer the right questions anymore

bandit said...

Obama's solving these problems much like throwing gasoline on a raging fire solves that problem.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Putin roll tanks against a democracy, Georgia, not too long ago? Why are we talking to them at all, let alone allowing Obama to kiss their ass?