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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palin, the Media and the Gestapo

Can we all agree that the Gestapo/SS has a - what can we call it – bad reputation? As the enforcers for the National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI) they handled the detail work of taking care of the Third Reich’s enemies.

How did they acquire such a bad reputation?

Before you dismiss this as a stupid question, can we agree that during World War 2 atrocities were committed by all sides? Innocent civilians were killed by all sides; that’s the nature of war, especially war with dumb bombs and unguided weapons. Both the Axis and the Allies killed their enemies ruthlessly, both openly and surreptitiously.

The reason that the Gestapo/SS is viewed as such a heinous villain is twofold. First, the Axis lost the war. If they had won, a much different history would have been written because “history is written by the winners.” Second, the atrocities that were committed by the Gestapo/SS were vicious and grotesque. Cruelty was a feature, not a bug, in their system. They were not just killing their enemies; they were setting an example to all would-be enemies. The message was: cross us and you will not only be dead, you will be tortured to death. Hurt one of us and a hundred of you will die. Threaten the Reich, and not just you but your entire family will be killed.

The “treatment” that Sarah Palin has received at the hands of the Liberal media brought the reputation issue to mind. The defamation of Palin and her family is so over-the-top, so absolutely gutter ugly, so repulsive that a point has been reached that has only two outcomes. Either Palin or her enemies will go down in history with a horrible stain on their reputations.

On the one hand you have an attractive woman, a Christian, a good governor with an attractive family who is the very image of middle America. On the other side you have – as an example – a "bareback" homosexual like Andrew Sullivan disputing the MATERNITY of Palin’s youngest child – and David Letterman whose idea of good fun is to joke about raping one of Palin’s daughters. Let’s not even go to the Camp of the Feminists who are outraged that Palin did not abort her Down ’s syndrome baby.

Keep in mind that the worst atrocities committed by the Gestapo/SS were as the Axis was losing the war. I only note this to observe that the MSM is in a death spiral the end of which is hard to discern.


Anonymous said...

The problem with your theory is:

1. Most people, even many of her dumber fanboys, have now observed (they can't help it) that every time Sarah fucks up she blames it on the media instead of herself.

2. She THRIVES on media attention. When it tapers off, she conspires to get it going again.

3. She is as dumb as a box of rocks. How else are we to explain such foolisness as her insistence in her bizarre press conference that she is quitting so as not to be a "quitter." And then back that up with the examples of our soldiers who are not quitters. LOL

What could we expect of President Sarah:

"Madam President, NORAD reports incoming ICBMs. What do we do."



Anonymous said...

It is so funny to see the libtards get their panties in such a wad.

They are foaming at the mouth because they know Sarah Palin will eat their lunch..and the lunchbucket.

Go Sarah Go!!

Moneyrunner said...

Anon @ 8:30 Thanks for your comments.

I can imagine how dumb Sarah palin would be:

Really, where would we be if a bumpkin like Palin were president? With her brainpower, we probably would be stuck with a Cabinet full of tax cheats, retreads and moralizing social engineers.

If Palin were president, chances are we'd have a gaffe-generating motormouth for a vice president. That's the kind of decision-making one expects from Miss Congeniality.

The job of building generational debt is not for the unsophisticated. Enriching political donors with taxpayer dollars takes intellectual prowess, not the skills of a moose-hunting point guard.

Palin is so clueless she probably would have rushed through some colossal stimulus plan that ended up stimulating nothing.

If Palin were president, no one doubts this nation would have continued the Bush-era policy of indefinite detention of enemy combatants and the CIA's program of transferring prisoners to other countries without legal rights. Be thankful you have a president who makes you think this nation doesn't.

If Palin were commander in chief -- and, again, can anyone imagine anything so preposterous? -- the United States still would be fighting endless and expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the rest, go HERE

thisishabitforming said...

So what are Palin's crimes against humanity? She was a successful school board member, a successful mayor of a small town, a successful governor of an oil rich state with an approval rating in the 80 percentile. And in her spare time a successful mother with a beautiful family.

And then John McCain, that old Maverick pulls a surprise move and asks her to be his running mate and she has the audacity to say yes.

Then begins the media anal exam, and she's found to be a Christian who really believes in God, she's pro life to the point of not aborting a Down's Syndrome child, she has a pregnant daughter who she did not drive out of the family, that alone should give her street cred, but not in today's media, and they can't get enough of asking Levi Johnson, the baby's father who has decided he's not "ready" to be a husband , what he thinks of the Palin family.

Even though as a nation we are at a cross roads about energy, an area Palin knows something about, somehow never comes up. Katie would rather hound her about abortion and if she knows how to read.

And that old Maverick John McCain who asked her to be his running mate, can't skate away from her fast enough and his staff helps pile on the dirt.
A war hero indeed.

And the Newt Gingrich's, Rick Santorum's, Charles Krauthammer's, who I usually respect, keep shaking their heads and telling her this is business as usual in Washington.

Sorry, but Ann Coulter is the only one to get this one right.

Anonymous post #1 You are an ass.

Mike Kelley said...

The dirty little secret about Sarah is that she represents everything the beltway snobs hate: working-class America, unashamed patriotism and support for our military, and reliance on common sense instead of some snooty college degree paid for with Daddy's money. I don't know if she will or should run for anything, but I sure love how she makes 'em squirm.