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Monday, July 20, 2009

Is an election fair if the results are tabulated before the voting begins?

"In Honduras, according to breaking Catalan newspaper reports (translations available, USA Today mention), authorities have seized 45 computers containing certified election results for a constitutional election that never happened. The election had been scheduled for June 28, but on that day the president, Manuel Zelaya, was ousted. The 'certified' and detailed electronic records of the non-existent election show Zelaya's side having won overwhelmingly."

I wonder how much press coverage this will get in the MSM?

1 comment:

thisishabitforming said...

Can you hear the sounds of ACORNs falling all over the world?

If Al Franken had been able to pull off this method of winning he could have saved the State of Minnesota and Norm Coleman, and George Soros a lot of time and money. He had to do the amaturish and messy business of those absentee ballots in the trunk. But hey, whatever works for you.