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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Telling the elderly they have a duty to die

Bringing the "best practices" of European medicine to the United States.

Of the 130,000 Dutchmen who died in 1990, some 11,800 were killed or helped to die by their doctors, according to a 1991 report by the attorney general of the High Council of the Netherlands. (The 1991 report is the only complete report on euthanasia practices by the Dutch government.)

Some of these deaths are the classic cases cited by right-to-die advocates: A terminally ill patient, in agony, demanding to “die with dignity.” But many are not. An estimated 5,981 people–an average of 16 per day–were killed by their doctors without their consent, according to the Dutch government report.

And these numbers do not measure several other groups that are put to death involuntarily: disabled infants, terminally ill children and mental patients. [...]

Many old people now fear Dutch hospitals. More than 10% of senior citizens who responded to a recent survey, which did not mention euthanasia, volunteered that they feared being killed by their doctors without their consent. One senior-citizen group printed up wallet cards that tell doctors that the cardholder opposes euthanasia. [...]

As the cost of socialized medicine in the Netherlands grew, doctors were lectured about the importance of keeping expenses down. In many hospitals, signs were posted indicating how much old-age treatments cost taxpayers. The result was a growing “social pressure” from doctors and others, says Arno Heltzel, a spokesman for the Catholic Union of the Elderly, the largest Dutch senior-citizen group, which favors voluntary euthanasia. “Old people have to excuse themselves for living. When they say that all of their friends are dead, people say, ‘Maybe it is time for you to go too,’ rather than, ‘You need to find new friends.’ “

It's the modern Liberal version of putting the sick and elderly on ice floes and pushing them out to sea.

There are any number of ways that ObamaCare can justify this. Obama himself does a very good job of explaining why old people should die HERE. What's interesting is the support he has among the elderly. It's as if the German Jews kept voting for Hitler as they were being shipped off to "summer camp."


thisishabitforming said...

I am going to repeat myself, don't ever forget this is the man who fought for infanticide.

Andrew said...

The modern Dutch would have welcomed Hitler and the Nazi's with open arms.