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Sunday, July 05, 2009


Maureen Dowd is the aging ingĂ©nue of the NY Times who has been abandoned by more men than the Titanic. She is the well known reject of Michael Douglas and any number of other “celebrities.” The difference between Maureen and the anonymous groupies who brag about being bagged by the Beatles or Mick Jagger is her column. From her upcoming column on Sarah Palin we can conclude that it is highly likely that she is being shagged by David Letterman.

The face this hag displays is unlovely, hiding an even uglier spirit inside.

From Drudge:

NY TIMES Op-Ed Queen Maureen Dowd runs out of adjectives and insults while ripping away at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in an upcoming Sunday column.

Palin is "one nutty puppy", in the mind of Dowd, newsroom sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT, with "erratic and egoistic behavior".

Dowd spits her holiday barbecue in 800 words, designed for fireworks.

"Exquisite battiness... solipsistic meltdown so strange... incoherent, breathless and prickly... Sarah's country-music melodramas... girlish burbling."


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