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Sunday, July 19, 2009


James Lileks in the NY Post ...

The "gaffes," as we call unscripted thoughts, come delightfully often with Biden. The latest: Speaking before the AARP, Biden aarped up a peculiar formulation to explain the need to borrow 3.2 bejillion dollars in order to transform the American health care system, preferably by next week. He said people ask him "What are you talking about, you're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt? The answer is yes, 'I'm telling you.'"

In Vietnam-era terms: we have to burn the hospital in order to save it. Even if that means losing the burn unit.

In one sense, Biden's logic isn't new; anyone who said we had to partition Iraq to save it is perfectly capable of believing we have to dig a deep hole now to keep from falling into a deeper hole later. But how does this fit with Biden's other summer misstatements? Let's take a quick review.

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Anonymous said...

what amazes me is how he gets a pass,he's had foot in mouth disease for 30 years.If he's got any brains at all can't he count to 5 or 10 before speaking? If you can't learn,you may be clever but you certainly aren't smart.

thisishabitforming said...

I heard it again this morning "That's just Joe being Joe". Ho Hum.

What was the big fear mantra about Sarah Palin? She is just a "heart beat away from the presidency".

Funny thing is, the things people laughed at Palin about where actually said by Tina Fey, written by SNL writers.

The thing Joe says actually come out of his mouth by way of his brain.