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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ride The High Horse

Via Just One Minute:

News: A mostly white pool club in a Philadelphia suburb kicks out 65 black day-campers, fearing that they will "change the complexion" of the club. Or, maybe there was a legitimate safety issue. The Valley Club story has been picked up by the NY Times, the LA Times, the WaPo, USA Today, the AP, CNN, ABC News, and many more. Left unreported in all major news outlets - club chairman John Duesler is an Obama supporter and determined progressive.

Not News: Thirty to fifty black teenagers, allegedly chanting "It's a black world", assault six whites; one victim is hospitalized for five days with head injuries. Akron police can't figure out whether this is a hate crime, explaining that the victims never mentioned the "it's a black world" angle. This story has been picked up by the Akron Beacon Journal (1, 2) and some local television stations (NBC (with the wrong date), ABC).

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