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Monday, April 08, 2013

Incest at the Virginian Pilot

It has been clear that the Virginian Pilot and the Democrats are in bed together. Sometime we forget just how incestuous that relationship is until they tell us themselves.

A few days ago they ran a mean spirited editorial calling on Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to resign. The reason? He’s going to be running for governor. A number of Cuccinelli’s predecessors have done so but not all. And no other state’s attorney general has done so. Remember Bill Clinton?  He ran for Governor while attorney general  of Arkansas. Why should Cuccinelli be held to a different standard than, say, Barack Obama who didn’t resign from the Senate to run for president? Maybe because Cuccinelli‘s a white Republican and Obama’s a black Democrat?

But back to that editorial. Not being on the Democrat's speed dial, we thought that the partisans who run the Virginian Pilot dreamed that up by themselves. But no! Today they reveal that this was a Democrat talking point. And so is the so-called “controversy” about Cuccinelli’s investments. It’s not a surprise, but it’s a useful reminder how much of what’s in the Virginian Pilot are re-writes of Democrat press releases. It reminds us once again of Glenn Reynolds’s definition of the press as “Democrat operatives with by-lines.”

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